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Undoubtedly, technological developments have brought many new concepts. The crypto currencies among these have been mentioned frequently in recent years. The crypto currency, which prevented traditional systems, provided a great deal of benefits to individuals active in the field. Crypto money stock exchanges in the long process can take and record. Not only that, but the reliability levels of crypto money stock exchanges can not be provided at the top stage and individuals are placed in many prerequisites such as authentication, increasing the anxiety levels of individuals and creating an environment for unhealthy transactions. I would like to talk about the general features of the Javvy platform that started the solution process for all these problems in my current article.

What is Javvy? Why is it important?

The Javvy platform has been designed as a wallet designed to take the top-level security measures to the forefront, to make your trading transactions move forward with healthier and safer steps. With this wallet, you can store your crypto currencies, perform your trading transactions at any time and watch the changes in the crypto money area, and the changes can be updated. Javvy builds the foundation of the platform project on security, so you can protect your transactions without being bound to any server and protected against external threats. With the introduction of block chain technology, threatening operations can be foreseen and necessary measures can be taken. Again artificial intelligence and many new technologies are included in the design of the project in order to keep you safe, easy and fast.

The Javvy platform is decentralized and you can perform all transactions such as the purchase of many crypto currencies in just five minutes. Participants with the Javvy platfotmu wallet will be able to launch international currencies, initiate direct transactions via the application provided, and many new crypto currencies will be included in the platform. Javvy does not have to register during the trading of crypto currencies. in this way, it will secure your personal data and eliminate fraud and fraud. however, it does not restrict you when you want to convert real currencies to the crypto currency or your crypto currencies in real currency and allows you to make purchases and sales with national currencies.

The Javvy platform initiated a solution process by taking the crypto-currency area on the web into consideration, the lack of certain vehicle usage, the lack of protection against external attacks and the long-term adjustment of the registration stages of the new participants and the slowdown of the approval processes, and eliminated all problems. The Javvy platform is designed as a universal wallet and has released the official version of Windows, iOS and Android.


Road Map

ICO and Token Information

» Token Icon: JVY

» Platform: Ethereum

»Type: ERC20

» Pre-ICO Price: 1 JVY: 0.0004 ETH

» ICO Price: 0.0857 USD

» Total token amount for sale: 100,000,000

» Lowest Investment Quantity: 0.4 ETH

» Accepted Currency: ETH

» Soft Cap: 1000 ETH

» Hard Cap: 100000 ETH

» Countries banned from participation: China, USA


Considering the many features of the Conclusion Platform mentioned above and detailed in whitepaper, it is correct to say that the wallet designed by Javvy project is a very important project for the individuals who are active in the field of crypto and who are newly involved in this field. Again, considering the team members and the dynamic approach of the project, it is possible to predict that the project will provide big gains in the future. You do not miss this ICO investment opportunity. Also, do not forget to make your own work before investing in the project.

You can find more detailed information about the project by clicking on the links below;

✅Web site: https://javvy.com/

✅Whitepaper: https://javvy.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/javvy_crypto-solution-white-paper.pdf

✅Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2216370.0

✅Telegram: https://t.me/javvychat

✅Twitter: https://twitter.com/javvycrypto

✅Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/javvy/

Author of the article:

✅Bitcointalk Username: truncus

✅Bounty0x Username: truncus

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