UNIVERSA: Blockchain Protocol for Business

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Today I want to tell you about a new project. The name of the project is Universa. Universa is a next generation blockchain protocol with the potential to become an important milestone in the development of the blockchain industry. Universa is leading with a new generation system. Universa is a ready-to-produce blockchain that has intelligent contracts. The key solution that businesses are looking for when switching to blockchain technology is data security and network reliability. Universa simplifies the blockchain transition of other businesses. Any supplier or any person on the market can submit his or her services through the Universa and can process the payments in any token or currency with the Universa. Universa smart contracts can be applied to both internal and public applications programming.

Universa has been developed as a protocol that creates and operates a smart contract chain. For this reason, the Universa platform is not depending on mining, these situation reduces the cost greatly and increases the processing speed. Universa chains are conducted with the verification of transactions and smart contracts sent by customers to the network. A well-thought-out logical structure and language hierarchy makes it possible for network nodes to reach a processing speed of 10,000 at the very least. This allows to reach a processing speed 1000 times faster than BitCoin. Bitcoin traffics have a fairly high deduction. This fee is quite low on the Universa platform. The smart business card system on the Universa platform has enabled the deduction rates to be reduced to a much lower level.

Universa, greatly facilitates e-commerce transactions process. The protocol makes it possible to carry out automatic payments in any currency, and smart contracts prepare all necessary payment documents immediately. In addition, Universa simplifies transactions such as receiving credits on the internet, creating electronic exchange points, processing customs declarations.

Alexander Borodich, creator of the Universa platform, former senior manager of the Mail.ru Group of information company in Russia, plans to exceed 100 million dollars during the ICO. It is expected that Universa will compete with financially successful projects such as Tezos ($230 million) and EOS ($200 million).

Usage areas
A wide variety of smart contract chains can be created on the Universa platform. These smart contracts can be applied in almost all business areas. Universa smart contracts can be used for programming both for in-house applications as well as for public applications.

For example:
Car smart key / CarSharing creates a contract chain for vehicle owner, with short term car hire with minute or weekly payment. The owner may temporarily bind another key (Valet mode) or transfer all rights to another owner (sale). If the car is equipped with a GPS system, you can create a key (city, country) that works in a specific area,
Hotel, shopping center, gym, SPA. Universa can create a single number and key lock with universal contract,
IOT; Smart home equipment. A smart contract, bought merchandise is related to the customer. The Universa allows smart technology to work together and provides a simple mechanism for managing the rights of different users who do not have access to the Internet. They also provide a simple mechanism for selling transactions,
Smart House. It uses the identity of the person, providing connectivity between the home and guests and the home. This technology allows you to work without internet,
Petrol stations, toll roads, parking lots. A phone with internet access can function as a transponder. As the client approaches the door of the phone, the confirmation sends a request or can check and pay for approximate coordinates.

Depots, goods movements, movements. Intelligent RFID systems for integrated business optimization. And identification technologies.
Legal entities are given the appropriate tools to work with privatizations, tenders, auctions, money transfers and customs declarations. Almost every task is automated easily and easily with smart contracts and applications of the new Universa blockbuster program.
Universa smart contract options and many other options that mentioned above can be seen in our daily lives in the near future.


Token: UTN (1 USD = 100 UTN)
SoftCap: 9.9 Million USD
HardCap: 99 Million USD
Total Token Supply: 14 Billion UTN
ICO Date: 28 October 2017

Web: https://universa.io

Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2137898.0






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