KABN Network: Blockchain based financial platform

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In recent years, we have become more or less familiar with or actively interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, which have made a name for themselves. In this area, which has a system that goes beyond traditional methods and techniques, we have been able to perform almost all of our operations through digital means. Many sectors have made major changes in their systems by switching to cryptocurrencies as well as real currencies. However, we still face problems with the storage and protection of cryptocurrencies. Although the introduction of cryptocurrencies in addition to real currencies facilitated our transactions, we needed a reliable and valid platform for the cryptocurrency investment banking we needed. In my article today, I will talk about a project that has quite successful works on crypto money investment banking which I think we need quite a bit.

The KABN network is an integrated financial services package that includes the Pegasus Flyte Visa Card, certified crypto-linked prepaid Visa card, and mobile integrated currency wallet. Now literally all over the world, there is a very rapid trend in the development of cashless circulation. It became clear that new technological applications focusing on cashless compromise was much cheaper and could save a lot of money! In addition, the level of economic growth is higher for those with a more advanced cashless system. In addition, it is possible to note that cashless compromise is indeed appropriate, and it is difficult not to agree with it. After all, with the help of debit cards today, you can pay bills, transfer anywhere in the world, take the necessary products off the Internet and do more.

KABN is a web-based commercial installment and identification phase. It securely stores your own and installment information in the blockchain so that even KABN never has to give it to anyone. That doesn’t mean further information cuts – in light of the fact that organizations don’t have to store your information. Thus, you can take advantage of management and installments without stressing your protection and security.

With KABN, any person can take back responsibility for their knowledge. Instead of giving tally and individual data, each individual can choose whether and when to share the information – and only make such solitary terms. KABN returns capacity to the general population. Moreover, it likewise frees organizations from the weight of attempts to audit and verify massive information repositories. By atomizing these repositories, it could carry out the biggest test faced by institutions today: digital security.

The trading platform of the KABN

KABN ecosystem also designs an exchange platform where users can trade effectively. the trading floor of the KABN ecosystem is well secure with the same measures the banks use in securing their financial asset of their customers is what the KABN network uses, this means security of digital asset is a top priority for the ecosystem which guarantees traders a safe place for the trading of their crypto asset.

Loyalty Reward of KABN ecosystem: the KABN ecosystem design a whitelist mechanism for users of the platform where the status of the users can be defined if they have membership identity hence for every member that is active engagement in the ecosystem and maximize the services of the KABN ecosystem will receive a token as a loyalty reward. This will enhance the usability of the platform and also makes a financial transaction on the platform to attract more people




ICO and Token Information

The KABN Equity Token, “advanced security” or “computerized endorsement” is proportionate to the KABN Preference Equity Share and has every one of the rights and benefits of those offers.

  • Type of Security: KABN (Gibraltar) Limited Preference Equity Shares
  • Current KABN Preference Shares/Token Available for purchase: 85 Million Shares and 26.18 Million Options
  • Private Round 1 – Underway with first closing completed: 39,610,000 Shares and 19,805,000 Options
  • Private Round 2  –  est. Q2 2019: 12,750,000 Shares and 6,375,000 Options
  • Crowdfunding Early Public Sale — est. April 15, 2019: 17 Million Shares
  • Crowdfunding Full Public Sale — est. May 1, 2019: 15.64 Million Shares


Although Blockchain technology is generally known as a system for equalizing banks, it can be much more powerful by working with banks. Since Blockchain technology is remarkable for its low commission fees, rapid processing speed, cryptocurrencies are still unlikely to adapt to everyday life. However, with the facilities it offers, the KABN Network can perform the conversion of cryptocurrencies into fiat money in seconds, thus enabling cryptocurrencies to adapt to everyday life. When you use this card, you will be able to replace loyalty points with KABN Network commission fees and reduce your costs. Don’t miss this ICO investment opportunity. In addition, remember to do your own work before investing in the project.

More detailed information about the project can be found by clicking the links below;

✅ Website: https://www.kabntoken.com/

✅ Whitepaper: https://www.kabntoken.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/KABN-Company-Overview-Summary-V1.2.pdf

✅ Telegram: http://kabn.network/telegram-links.php

✅ Twitter: https://twitter.com/kabnnetwork

✅ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kabnnetwork/

✅ Medium: https://medium.com/@KABN

✅ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/kabnnetwork/

✅ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kabn/

Author of the article:

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